I am a Senior Researcher at the  Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) in Luxembourg in the research group VISINT (Visualisation and Interaction). In my research, I am interested in how novel technologies can extend the experience and abilities of groups for solving problems and making decisions in today’s world of increasing complexity. My focus is on the use of interactive technologies beyond the desktop, including tangible, tabletop, and large surface interaction that enable a more natural, collaborative, and engaging form of interaction. My current application areas include logistics, construction, sustainability, mobility and education.

I am currently leading the project FNR CORE ReSurf (2022-2025) as well as the LIST contribution of the project FNR PSP Flagship RePublic (2022-2025).

Before, I was a researcher at the Public Research Center Henri Tudor. I did my PhD at the Vienna University of Technology, Institute for Design and Assessment of Technology.

I am always interested in new opportunities for collaboration. If you have an idea, feel free to contact me.

(Image courtesy of Guy Hoffmann)


Dr. Valérie Maquil
LIST – Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology
IT for Innovative Services Department
5, avenue des Hauts Fourneaux
L-6243 Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg
Tel: (+352) 275 888-2687
valerie.maquil AT list.lu